Supernatural: Soulless – Chapter One

Supernatural: Soulless – Chapter One

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They had been in the car for hours, but this was nothing new. Dean enjoyed the peace of the open road; being in ‘Baby’ was home. Something felt strange about this case, and Dean didn’t like it. A text came in on one of Bobby’s old phones, nothing but a city and state, Carson, Iowa.

Sam ran a search and found a series of deaths in the small town, each eerily similar. Based on description, Sam and Dean suspected a nest of Vampires, but why would a hunter request their help if it were so simple? Sam tried to trace the phone number of the text, but it had come from a burner phone. For all they knew, they could be walking into a trap.

“Where is this place again?” Dean asked, turning down the radio.

“We should be about an hour out.” Sam replied, pointing to the town on the map.

“I don’t like this.” Dean admitted. “Something just feels off about the whole thing. It’s too easy.”

“We know the text probably came from another hunter. Why else would someone text Bobby?”

“Or maybe a hunter got ganked and the vamps used his phone to get us here.”

Sam sighed and ran his hand through his hair. “I don’t think that’s it, but there’s only one way to find out.” He replied.

“Yeah, that’s the problem.”

The Impala pulled into the small motel in town and Sam and Dean checked into their room that looked like it had not been updated since the Sixties.

“We can grab a bite first, or do you.” Sam started.

“Let’s just get started.” Dean said, cutting Sam off.

The two donned this suits and grabbed their FBI badges and made way to the small Sherriff’s office. The jail literally had three cells and two officers.

“Good Afternoon, gentlemen.” The Sherriff stood from behind his desk. “What can I do for you?”

“Good Afternoon.” Said Dean. “I’m Agent Dobbs, this is my partner, Agent Harris. We’re here investigating a series of murders.”

“Murders? No.” The Sheriff corrected. “What we have is a wolf or something big roaming the town at night.”

“A wolf?” Asked Sam. “What makes you say that?”

The Sherriff walked over to a file cabinet and laid pictures of the deceased on his desk for Sam and Dean to see.

“The throats have all been ripped out, you see?” The Sherriff pointed to the bloody necks. “A person couldn’t do that. We have assembled a group of townfolk to help track down the beast to make the town safe again.”

“All do respect.” Sam interjected. “These deaths have the same markings as others we have been following. Could we see the bodies and have a look ourselves?”

“Be my guest, but you’re not going to find anything.”

After visiting the morgue Sam and Dean had all the information they needed to confirm the deaths were definitely vampire related. All there was to do now was to find the nest and take care of business. Sam and Dean headed to the diner.

“Aren’t you boys dressed mighty nice?” Asked a busty brunette with a sweet smile.

“FBI.” Dean replied with a twinkle in his eye. “Suit is part of the job.”

“Lucky suit.” The waitress replied with a wink.

The boys sat down at a table for two and looked over the menus.

“Now, I will tell you. No matter what you order, you better leave room for dessert, because we have the best pie in all the mid-west.”

“Well I never could turn down a good piece of pie.” Dean laughed.

After the boys dined and the waitress brought the check, Sam noticed something written on the back.

Barn on Colfer road. ~Mickey

            Dean looked around, for anyone who appeared to be a hunter, but there was no one. Most of the guests were older or overweight.

“I guess we better check it out.”

The boys made a quick run back to the hotel to change. If they could get to the barn before the sunset, it would make the fight much easier by keeping the vampires contained.

The entire thing was entirely too easy. When Sam and Dean arrived at the barn, it was not a nest of vampires at all; it was two new vampires who had not learned yet to control themselves. Sam and Dean were in and out in five minutes.

“This doesn’t make any sense.” Dean said chucking his bloody machete into Baby’s trunk. “Why would a hunter call us in to help with that? It was like shooting fish in a barrel. Anyone could have solved this.”

“Maybe the waitress knows who this ‘Mickey’ is.” Sam suggested.

“Well I can go for another piece of that pie, but if she doesn’t know anything, we’re out of this town. Something isn’t right.”

As the waitress set down the two slices of pie, Sam pulled bill from his pocket and slid her direction.

“I’m sorry, I don’t want to bother you. We were hoping you might be able to tell us who is ‘Mickey’?”

“Good, I’m glad you saw the message.” The waitress whispered and leaned in close to the table. “You took care of the vamps, right?”

“Excuse me?” Dean asked, puzzled. “Oh, please. FBI doesn’t come around here to investigate some murders. You’re Sam and Dean Winchester, right?”

“Now, how did you?”

“Look, I get off shift at the end of the hour. I can meet you at the motel after then and we can talk. Alright?”

Sam and Dean looked at one another. There were certainly questions to be answered, but for now, that would have to wait. Sam and Dean finished dessert and made their way back across the street to the motel.

“What do you think?” Sam asked as they walked into the room.

“Sister, daughter maybe, of someone who got killed. Still doesn’t explain what this has to do with us.”

Sam passed Dean and Beer from the mini fridge and they waited and drank. Sure enough, at five past the waitress appeared at their door.

“Look, I don’t know what you think you know.” Dean began.

“I brought a fresh pie. You can take it with you tomorrow.” She replied placing the pie in Dean’s hands and sliding past him into the room.

“Wait a minute, why don’t we start with who you are first.” Sam said.

“Mickey.” The waitress laughed and rolled her eyes. The boys stared at her like she had three eyes. So Mickey leaned forwards so her nametag could be read ‘M’Ky’. “My name is actually McKayla, Mickey is just a nickname.” The waitress said with a smile and helped herself to the rest of Dean’s beer.

“Okay.” Dean said with a drawn out pause. “So, Mickey, if you knew there were vampires and where they were, why didn’t you take them out yourself?”

McKayla laughed. “Wow, no.” She said with a shake of her head. “I am NOT a hunter, like at all.”

Sam and Dean looked at McKayla, the uncomfortable silence made her squirm in the chair.

“I needed you to come into town. I caught wind of a case and I hoped if I sent it your way, you would come.” Mickey admitted.

“But that still doesn’t explain why. If you’re not a hunter, then how do you know us and why do you need us?”

McKayla stood from the chair and ran her hands across her face nervously.

“This is not coming across how I thought it would at all. Now you guys just think I’m some weird hunter groupie and.”

“Wait, is that a thing?” Dean asked half-seriously.

“Let me try to be as clear as possible.” McKayla said with a wave of her hand. “My name is McKayla Greenspan; my father was Sean Greenspan, he was a hunter. My father partnered with your father on several jobs. I know most people in the hunter community; that is why I had Bobby’s number. Of course, with Bobby being dead. I was not sure which phone of his you had and which one’s went to Garth and so it took me a few tries to even reach you.”

McKayla looked to Sam and Dean, they both were listening intently.

“A while back, before your father died, he had told my Dad that if he couldn’t be reached, to contact Dean. We heard later on after he died that Sam and Dean could solve almost any case. My Dad told me that if shit ever hit the fan, to get in touch with you boys right away. Well, shit has hit the fan.”

Sam leaned in toward McKayla. “Okay, and we might be able to help. You need to tell us what happened.”

            “My father was killed by Hell Hounds, and I think I’m next.”

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