Post NaNoWriMo – Time to publish?

Hey all,

I hope that you had a great Thanksgiving.

For those of you who were competing in NaNoWriMo 2013, congratulations! According to the email I received there was well over 300,000 participants this year and a mere ~41,000 crossed the 50,000 word finish line. I am congratulating not only the victors, but the participants as well. I think just committing to writing in any fashion is something that you should be proud of. Of course, it is not my opinion that matters, but I’m sure even just doing a little bit of writing reminded you why you like to write in the first place, and I think that is important.

I am personally excited about my NaNo prizes that I will have access to on the 5th. What I’m looking forward to the most is holding one of the two paperback copies of my book that I will receive. I think I’ll even buy a shadow box for it and mount it on my wall, THAT is how proud of myself I am.

I just finished the rough edit of my book. I was surprised that I was actually very happy with how it turned out, storyline-wise. I wrote it intentionally to only be a 50,000 word story and so I thought it flowed quite nicely. So far, those who have read it for me have shared my sentiments… for that reason I did not go back and re-write. I plan to actually start searching for a literary agent with the story as I have it now, and I hope that it will eventually lead me to a publishing deal. I have considered self-publishing… there are many great offers that come with participating in NaNoWriMo… however because I am such a new author, I believe that I would rather have a strong publishing house behind me to promote my book then to attempt to do it myself. 

I didn’t get a cover design for my book, and I’m a little sad about that. I did create one for myself on powerpoint using pictures I got off of Google. I thought the cover looked nice, but according to my Mom it comes off as more “creepy” than romantic. I attempted to create a romantic cover, but layering people in a way they were not originally intended just does not look good. My only other alternative was to rent a Grim Reaper costume and find a beautiful couple to take a picture of for the cover… I must just suck it up and pay the $150 for a professional cover, but we shall see.

Did anyone else compete in NaNoWriMo? How did your journey go?


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